Welcome to The Theologian

This is the blog associated with the internet journal for integrated theology known as The Theologian.


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3 responses to “Welcome to The Theologian

  1. UK citizen, A long-lapsed Methodist, and subsequently Anglican (CofE).. recently began to attend local Parish Church. Finding The Theologian, just what I hoped to find…

  2. What an soul enriching gulp of the Holy Spirit! I too am a Protestant, Reformed and Evangelical. I became one by reading the Bible first and then Luther, Augustine, Wesley and the Bible again! I hope to ehear the rest of the trilogy on the above topics. What is that website again?

    God bless you for a stiff drink of Living Water and deep Faith!

  3. benjaminlyndonalvarez@yahoo.com

    hello. please have my name included in your list if ever you are giving out newsletters for free. i am a pastor here in olongapo city, philippines. i would very much like to learn more from you regarding integrated theology. thank you and Godspeed.

    ptr. benjie 🙂

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